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Andrea, Mallorca

Throughout our journey together Debra’s passion, devotion and enthusiasm to our project has never wavered, in fact she surprises us every time with a level of creativity and thoughtfulness about the type of style and simplicity that we have now achieved in our home. Debra has been our Interior designer since the start of our renovation project four years ago. We wanted to create a minimalist yet homely space that my husband and children would love and be impassioned by for years to come. Debra did a wonderful job of interpreting my taste and style and very quickly worked out a concept and vision for our project.  I often knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to put it all together.  Debra has the vision and an incredible eye for detail, whilst also considering the practical elements that is necessary.  She has shown and taught me so much about color and given me the confidence to venture away from the more neutral tones that I love. Much to my husband’s joy, she even came in on budget, something I’ve often struggled with!! Debra, It’s truly inspiring to see someone with such passion, natural flare and belief in what they do.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of our journey together and what’s more important is that I am so in Love with my new home….

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