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Hi, my name is Debra,


  I was born and raised in South Africa until sailing on our 43’ catamaran to the Caribbean with my parents, my sister and some friends.  I then embarked on a solo trip to ‘work my way around the world’ so I could feel and taste the unique cultures the world has to offer.

  I began my adventure in Miami and traveled up the East Coast, across to the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa before returning to Miami.

Always passionate about design, I completed a BFA in Interior design at the International Fine Arts College in Miami (now Miami International University of Art & Design). From there I worked in both residential and commercial sectors.


  With my insatiable appetite for travel, and hunger to learn more about our world's cultures, design trends and philosophies, I accepted an opportunity to work in the Superyacht industry.  During this time, I worked with elite name brands, incredible artisans and craftspeople in Mallorca, Italy & Florida.

  I met my husband during my time in yachting and now we have two highly active and creative boys.   We live on the beautiful island of Mallorca  where we are able to enjoy living holistically and being environmentally conscious.

Interior design for me is so much more than decorating, our home is the very essence of our own personal health, happiness and wellness.

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